• After hearing a blurb on the radio, my elementary-school-aged child innocently asked me,

    “Daddy, why are they fighting?”

    • ME:  Z wants the land and X wants the land. They both want to be in charge of the same area.
    • CHILD: Why can’t they take turns?
    • ME: It doesn’t work that way honey. One group wants to make the rules for the area.
    • CHILD: To keep themselves safe?
    • ME: Yes, that could be one reason.
    • CHILD: Why don’t they agree on safety rules?
    • ME: Maybe they just both want the option to control the area and make up the rules and can’t find a way to agree on those rules. I really don’t know honey. I know that it is taking a long time for them to work out their disagreements.
    • CHILD: They should set a timer.

    Sigh, if only children could run the world…They make it sound so easy and it can’t be much worse than what adults have done!