• Do you remember as a kid, making garland out of strips of construction paper?

    I totally do! It is like a rite of passage for all children.  The fun part, is that you don’t have to just make garland, you can also make wreaths!  We are decking our halls over here and my kids really enjoy being a part of the magic.  So I gave them some construction paper and had them get to cutting.  I figure its great motor skill practice.  And then there is the gluing.  What kid doesn’t love to glue?  Anytime I bring out the glue my kids get super excited.  It is almost like that white stuff is pure magic to them.  Anyway, let the kids go to town, see who can make the longest strand of garland.

    And then there is the gluing.  What kid doesn’t love to glue?

    When you want to make a wreath, just loop the last construction paper strip through the first one, making a circle.  You can then draw, color, and cut out other decorations to be glued on to your wreaths.  There we go with that glue again!  Each of my kids now have their own wreaths on their bedroom doors.

    The laundry room, bathroom and even our pantry has been shown some Christmas love.  Of course, the regular garland is great for swagging up stairs, or across windows.  My daughter put some on her bed between two bedposts on her headboard.

    This is one of the easiest projects you can do this season with your kids that often gets the whole family working together.  That’s why it always ends up being one of our family favorites.