• Being pregnant, it becomes so easy to be overwhelmed with what we want to happen, what we think should happen, and what turns out to be reality. It can become so easy to focus on our ideal labor that when we are faced with other choices we break down.

    The biggest of these disappointments is when women end up in an unplanned c-section. Most women I know who get the emergency c-section never did any research into the procedure thinking they didn’t need to. The problem is, you don’t really know what’s going to happen. There are absolutely times when getting the baby out right now, via c-section is the safest thing for baby and mommy.

    The most important thing is delivering a healthy baby and keeping mommy safe too.

    I feel that it is extremely important for all moms to be do some research on all the birthing methods. C-sections, vacuums, forceps, everything. The more you know, the more you can be mentally prepared for whatever life throws at you. I know, believe me, I know that wanting to deliver according to your plan is important. However, I have been reminded by my Ob (whom I trust completely) that the most important thing is delivering a healthy baby and keeping mommy safe too.

    Just keep reminding yourself what is truly important, and once you lay eyes on that beautiful baby it will all be worth it, no matter how you got there.

    Talk to your Ob or midwife early and get all the information you can on all the possible procedures you might face. Get your birth plan together and go over it with your doctor so they know your preferences before the crunch time comes.

    My birth plan, that was once complicated and detailed now simply says, “deliver a healthy baby.” After all, that’s all I really want.