• Everyday around three o’clock my kids come running through the door home from school. Everyday around three o’clock they are absolutely ravenous. I do my very best to fill them up with something healthy, even though they prefer the chips and cookie standby. Because all kids prefer junk food, I always try to spin healthy food in a way that is more appealing to their junk food tendencies.

    Cue apple fries and apple nachos. These are both so simple, and super healthy.

    First for the apple fries. To make these I use one apple and slice it. Be sure to remove any core from your slices. Place your slices on a plate. Next for your nacho toppings.

    My kids prefer warmed peanut butter. I just put a tablespoon or so in a dish and microwave it until it is thin enough to pour over the apple chips. Then you can top with nuts, cranberries, banana pieces, mini chocolate chips. Pretty much anything that sounds tasty to you and your kids. Serve quickly while the peanut butter (or any kind of nut butter) is still warm. It is fantastically delicious. And so much more healthy than chips covered in cheese!

    My next apple snack are fries. That’s right, apple fries. Sometimes I serve this alongside baked chicken fingers. Everyone knows that chicken fingers and fries go together. You peel your apple and then cut it into long strips, a la French fries. Again, these are great dipped into warmed peanut butter, or my kids favorite sprinkled with cinnamon.

    Two super easy healthy snacks that are totally kid friendly.