• I am at that age where I am constantly being invited to a baby shower. Luckily for me I enjoy a good baby shower. Especially baby showers for brand new mommies. Something about the freshness of new moms, and their enthusiasm to receive all sorts of cool stuff makes them more exciting. Not that showers for seasoned moms aren’t fun too, I just truly enjoy new mommies. Because I get the opportunity to attend lots of showers I have learned all sorts of out of the box gifts to give. From elaborate diaper cakes, customized onesies, to my newest favorite Baby’s life organizer.

    I love this gift because it is personalized. I adore it because it is practical. I like it because it is somewhat homemade. Those three things automatically equal a fantastic gift, right?

    To get started you need an accordion file folder. Try to find something super cute, that perhaps matches the nursery theme if you can. I have had great luck at craft stores and Target for these. These accordion file folders help to make this portable. Something your new mommy will appreciate in the first few months of baby’s life.

    Next you need cute file folders. You could absolutely skip the folders and just use the accordion folder, but eventually mommy will have enough stuff in her folders that she might want to transfer them to an actual filling cabinet. This just adds a touch of flexibility. You will need an accordion file, and file folders enough to fit all of the categories you choose.

    Now you need to label your file folders. I chose things that I knew mom would gather or want and left a few blank so she could add her own as she needed.

    My choices were as follows:
    Birth Certificate/social security
    Baby gear receipts, warranties, and manuals
    Pediatrician visit papers (our doctor prints out a little packet every visit to chart growth etc)/hospital records
    Immunization records (I kept these separate from other doctor information because you will likely need them more often)
    Copy of your will

    Other ideas could include copies of professional pictures, calendar with milestones written on it, etc.
    You may not know when you need some of this paper work, so it is great to keep it all in one handy place. I love that I can grab the accordion file on the way out the door and have all of my child’s information right there. In case of emergency, we are covered!