• I don’t often leave my kids with a baby sitter.  Usually when I do, it is another mother with lots of kids.  On occasion though, we hire an actual baby sitter.  When we do I like to be prepared to make their night as easy as possible.  I’d like them to want to baby sit them again and not spread it around to all the other baby sitters in town that my kids are awful.  Does that happen?

    I’m not about feeding my sitter to the wolves by letting them figure out how to entertain my kids on their own

    Each and every time we have a baby sitter come, I prepare a sitter box.  The most important thing to go into the sitter box is a print out of important information.  My cell phone number, the number to where I will be, the pediatrician’s number, poison control, etc.  I also include info about my kids, their ages, their doctors names, any allergies and so on.  That’s the important stuff.  After that, I compile little hints about games my kids enjoy, and activities that are sure to keep them happy.  I’m not about feeding my sitter to the wolves by letting them figure out how to entertain my kids on their own.   In the box I will add anything necessary for these games and activities or instructions on where to find them.

    Many times I will rent a movie for my kids from redbox and put that into the box as well.  If I don’t add a movie, I will give instructions on how to operate our television and give a list of shows my kids are allowed to watch.  No chance of my kids talking the sitter into something I don’t like.

    Next, I add already portioned snacks for my kids.  I always add more than they could eat just to be on the safe side.  I also make sure that it is stuff I know my kids will like and not pitch a fit about.

    Of course if my sitter will be here for bed time, I will give her written instructions for that as well.  Hoping to avoid any, “Mom reads me FOUR stories each night!” Or, “Daddy ALWAYS gives us chocolate before  we go to bed.”

    Finally, I add snacks for my sitter.  Cookies, chips, or whatever they like goes into the box.  Including their favorite beverage if possible.

    This seems to work for our family sitter and keeps the night smooth and gives me peace of mind that my sitter is not drowning or going to call us in a panic.  Or get tied up in the closet while my kids play cowboys.