• Summertime and vacations often means having more lax schedules. We stay up a little later, or skip a nap or two. This is just part of the fun, but the problem comes when it’s time to settle back into that good old familiar routine and get things back on track.

    Be consistent, using gradual intervals, and your schedule will come back to you!

    As much as I enjoy letting my kids take a little break from our routines, I’m relieved when we get back on schedule even more. The stability in their meals, sleep, homework and other routines is what I miss most. Since we recently changed our clocks to accommodate for Daylight Savings, Bed time has really become an issue in our house, since the sun is out so much later, making it particularly difficult to talk a four year old into going to bed. My trick is to do it in fifteen minute intervals. If she’s been going to bed around 8, and due to the time-change I now want her in bed by 7 we start by shooting for 7:45. We’ll do it gradually over a few days so she doesn’t notice this small difference in time.

    Naps can be a whole different story. Our four year old just takes what we call “quiet time.” If she is tired she will fall asleep, but if she’s not she will just play quietly in her room for that set time. If you have completely dropped the quiet time and want to add it back, again, start small. I will often offer my daughter a reward or sorts for staying in her room for quiet time. If she stays in for our specified time she might get to do a favorite activity afterwards. If she blows it and comes out, then mommy chooses the activity! Be consistent, using gradual intervals, and your schedule will come back!