• Do you know what is fun? Science projects. My kids and I cannot get enough of them. From potato batteries, colored flowers, exploding soap, it doesn’t matter we want to try it. I love that my kids are so eager to learn and explore their world. I love that I get the opportunity to share in their learning with them. Being a parent is awesome!

    The tools needed for this experiment are:
    Pipe cleaners
    Small drinking glasses
    Little kids eager to experiment

    Allow your kids to make fun shapes with their pipe cleaners. Stars, hearts, snowflakes, anything that might look good crystallized.

    While your kids are being the creative artists that they are, bring two cups of water to a boil. When a full boil is reached dissolve six tablespoons of borax into the water. Stir until it has completely dissolved.

    You need your pipe cleaner shapes to be suspended in the glass without it touching the sides or bottom. We attached ours to a pencil and dangled it inside the glass.

    Pour the hot borax liquid into your cup (or cups as the case might be). Again, make sure your pipe cleaner is not touching the sides or bottom of your glass. Let the whole thing sit over night. When you wake in the morning, you will have a pipe cleaner that has been covered in big beautiful crystals!

    You can reuse the borax water solution a second time by heating it in the microwave until boiling again. Repeat with a new pipe cleaner.

    These make great sun catchers when hung in the windows. You might even get a few rainbows out of it!

    We had fun comparing the size and shape of our borax crystals to that of table salt and granulated sugars. Be sure to remind your kids,that while salt and sugar are tasty, borax is not. And it should not be sampled.