• Figuring out what you need for your baby can be daunting. Stores give you an exhaustive list of things that you need. Are they must haves or are stores trying to get you to buy more? My favorite example is the bouncy seat versus the swing. Both are great items touted as being must haves.

    So I obediently registered for both. I was fortunate to receive both at my shower, I was so excited and had both items set up in various places throughout the house. Then my baby arrived and to my dismay, hated the swing. I waited a few weeks then tried again. Still hated it. The bouncy seat however, she adored. Many showers were taken and meals eaten thanks to that bouncy seat. I put the swing away in a closet, knowing I would have other kids and figured one would surely enjoy it.

    My second child came and I immediately tried him in the bouncy seat. Wouldn’t you know he hated it? I was excited, and hopeful, so I pulled out that mostly brand new swing. He hated that too! He preferred to be on the floor. Tummy time or back time, he didn’t care. Now my third baby is almost here. I’m hesitant to pull out the swing and bouncy seat. Perhaps I should try the floor first? Or who knows, maybe he will be the one who prefers to swing, not bounce.

    The point is that all these items are sort of a gamble. You don’t know what your baby will or won’t like. So if you don’t get them at your shower, don’t go run out and buy everything. Be patient and figure out what your child likes first. That way you don’t waste tons of money on items you may never need.