• My kids have big personalities. And as you may know, big personalities sometimes mean big tempers. My daughter especially can lose control at the drop of a pin, or missing headband. Most of the time, her behavior does not warrant a punishment, but she does need help to calm down and get her thoughts in order.

    My pediatrician (genius woman) suggested a “calm down jar.” This is basically a bottle filled with glittery water. When you shake the bottle the glitter swirls around and around, and it takes a few minutes to settle down at the bottom. Furthermore, it allows them to visualize how turbulence becomes calm with some time.  The goal here is to get kids to focus on something else and get their emotions in check. I have to tell you these are amazing. I’ve already made two!! One for my daughter, and then I went back and made another for my son. His not only calms him down, but doubles as a time out timer. He gets to get up when its all settled.

    The goal here is to get kids to focus on something else and get their emotions in check

    I didn’t think he would take to it, but he sits there mesmerized the entire time. To make your own, grab an empty plastic bottle, or any other container that is leak-proof and that you do not mind your kids using to you glue shut. Water bottles I think work the best. Fill your bottle 3/4 of the way full of water. Then dump in an entire container of glitter glue. I found mine at Michaels, but I imagine any craft store will do. After adding the glitter glue,  pour an entire container or ultra fine glitter. I chose a Martha Stewart variety that I already had on hand. You can choose rainbow colors, or keep it all matching. Whatever your kids prefer.

    Give your bottle a swirl and see how you like it. It’s calming. If the mixture settles too slowly add more water. Conversely, if it goes too fast add more glue. You know how long your kids can sit for, so use them as a guide. Once you are finished super glue those lids on (I imagine this is one bottle you don’t want to spill!). Now just wait until that next tantrum, and put your creation to work!