• If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do this Holiday season, consider finding a Christmas light show in your area. Back home in California there were lots of neighborhoods that you could walk through and see all the amazing houses with their surreal light displays. Down here in the South there are places where you go and park your car, tune into a radio station, and watch an entire show! It is a wonderful experience and so much fun for the little kids.

    We always pack a picnic basket and some hot cocoa to go watch the shows. It has become an amazing yearly tradition for us. Some bigger malls also have pretty cool displays as well. If you can’t find a neighborhood or area that does an actual show, you can pack the kids up anyway and just drive around local neighborhoods looking at the lights they have. It may not be quite as spectacular, but it could still be a treasured tradition anyway. I have always liked driving through the neighborhoods with the big beautiful houses. I like to see the houses, and the kids like to see the Christmas lights. Pump the car full of Holiday music and it will seriously be a blast. We usually try to do this a few days before the holiday. I don’t want to be out and about more than I have to on Christmas Eve, but I still want to give everyone a chance to get all their lights up for my enjoyment. Plus, the closer to the actual date, the more exciting it is for the kids. Make a game of it by counting the inflatable Santas, or just counting the houses that you see with lights on. Take turn choosing songs to sing together.

    If it’s not too cold out, bust out your stroller, grab some friends and walk the neighborhoods together. It is such a simple thing, that will be fun for the kids, and is sure to be a good memory maker.