• My kids, like most their ages, love a good hands on craft. They love learning and playing by doing and touching. We go through quite a bit of play dough over here. Every once in a while I do my best to shake things up and make them something new to play with. We have done many different clays, doughs, slime, foam, shaving cream and you name it.

    I noticed that each time I filled our sink with bubbles with the intent to wash dishes my kids became super excited and wanted to touch the bubbles. So when I saw the idea to make colored foam for the kids to play with on www.growingajeweledrose.com I absolutely knew it was something that we had to try.
    I wasn’t brave enough to make this and let my kids go for it in my kitchen, but I had absolutely no problems tossing it into the bathtubs with them to play with. It helped to contain the imagined mess a bit. Plus we were able to transition into bath time seamlessly. In the warmer months I think we could do this outside on our patio inside a blow up or hard plastic pool. Our dish soap is mild enough that I wouldn’t worry about it being used outdoors.

    You will need a hand mixer.
    Sugar free Kool-Aid
    Dish soap

    Add a hearty dollop of a good foamy dish soap into a large mixing bowl. Add the contents of one Kool-aid packet and about 1/4 cup of water. Use your hand mixer to mix everything together. Soon you will have a huge bowl full of colorful, wonderful smelling, foam. Or just throw all the ingredients in your pool of water at the same tine and let your kids do the mixing.

    It took about four minutes for us. When it was fantastically foamy I dumped it into our bathtub. Then I repeated the process with the remaining Kool-aid packets I bought. I cannot believe how much fun my kids had with this. I sort of expected an hour or so before they gave up. The soap deflated long before they were ready. Once it was done, we just got into the bath and got ourselves cleaned up for the night. It turned out to be a great little sensory project that all three of my kids really enjoyed.