• Let’s talk BM, yes Bowel Movement. Excited? I know, me too.

    Recently my four month old has stopped pooping every day. Instead he is opting for the every other day method. This really wouldn’t be such a big deal, except now he is slightly constipated. He has such a hard time trying to get things moving that it breaks my heart. At times he would push so hard that all of his lunch would come back. I know what you’re thinking, ‘why should I care?’ Because at some point in time your baby might go through this too. They might wait until they start solid foods to get stopped up, or they might be like my son and do it for no apparent reason.

    But, never fear, there are solutions! If your baby is eating foods try introducing prunes. Or if they like it, prune juice mixed with water. If the situation isn’t quite dire, and your baby is old enough just a touch of watered down apple juice could also do the trick. Start with the apple juice and if that doesn’t work graduate to the prunes. If, like my son, your baby isn’t eating solid foods yet ask your doctor’s permission to add a tablespoon of Karo’s dark corn syrup to your baby’s bottle. I promise you this will do the trick in about a days time or so.

    Again, if your situation is not poop or diet you can ask your doctor if it’s okay to give baby a few ounces of water, or even watered down apple juice. To help make baby’s morning (or afternoon) constitutionals more comfortable you can help move things along by “bicycling” their legs. If none of these things works for your little one, it’s definitely time to see your pediatrician for some stronger methods, or to rule out any other issues. See Constipation in Children by Dr. Playdate for more ideas.