• The winter season is upon us and we are busy making as many crafts as we can. Now that my kids are old enough to do some crafting we encourage them to make as many Christmas gifts as they can for whomever they choose. Usually on their list are their teachers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Starting in November we make a ornament or two a week (or some other type of gift). This week we made Popsicle stick snow flakes.

    This is a great project for multiple ages. My kids are 2, 4, and 7. Everyone was able to complete the task. The older kids made more than one snowflake, while my youngest was happy with his one before moving on to something else.

    You don’t need to use Popsicle sticks for this, you can also gather some twigs or just buy craft sticks. The nice thing about buying craft sticks is that you can get lots of different sizes, there by varying the appearance of your snowflakes.

    But on to the how to!

    You will need:
    Popsicle sticks, cleaned and dried
    White glue

    To hang:
    Ribbon and hot glue

    Take your sticks and glue two of them together in an x shape. We only used the white glue here. My kids just used a dot. Then they made another x shape with two more sticks. Finally you glue your two x shapes together so they resemble a snowflake. Voila!

    Now the fun part! Decorating! Use your paint or even markers to color your snowflakes up. A small brushing of glue followed by some glitter also gives it a fantastic . My boys enjoyed covering their snow flakes with stickers.

    When the snow flakes are fully decorated (and dry, as the case may be) I hot glued some ribbon to the back so our snow flakes could hang. Don’t forget to add your child’s name to their snowflake too! You could also add a tag to the ribbon if you are giving your snow flakes as gifts.

    These look fantastic hanging on our tree, but also dangling from door nobs and cabinets too!