• Creating a baby registry is one of the funnest things about being pregnant in my mind. You get to go browse all the cute little clothes, and tiny shoes. You get to pick out colorful bedding, and what kind of bottles you will use. It is fantastically fun and invokes that “Wow, I’m going to have a little person” daydream that we pregnant women are known for.

    When making your registry, you need to keep in mind what they are for. If you fill your registry with clothes, they will probably be purchased. Everyone loves buying baby clothes. But then you might not get a baby monitor, or any bottles, or sheets for your bassinet. Basically what I’m saying is that you should prioritize what you really need and want. People will buy you clothes anyway, and probably in addition to other things on your registry. So, keep off all but the absolute necessities as far as clothes are concerned. Try to register at as few stores as possible. For each of my kids I chose one store. This made it easier for me to keep up with what I had registered for and whether or not I received it or not.

    Simplicity is a new parents best friend. You can quote me on that. When you choose your store, check out their registry policies. Some places offer you a discount on merchandise that you didn’t receive after your due date.. We had lots of people send gift cards from out of state, and this allowed us to get what we still needed at a cheaper price. Other stores have promotions when you open a registry. Once I received a $25 gift card for opening one, and just last week I received $40 in gift cards to Shutterfly in a registry “gift basket” that the store sent me.

    Lastly, make sure the store you chose is convenient. You (or your shower guests) don’t want to have to drive 50 miles to get the goods. For that matter, stores with online shopping are a plus.