• A few months back we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. She turned seven, and like all mature self respecting seven year olds she requested an elegant tea party. What she could not decide on was how to decorate her cupcakes. Usually quite the decisive young lady, she struggled on a sprinkle color of all things. She knew she wanted a vanilla cake. She knew she wanted purple icing. What she didn’t know was what color sprinkles would be best. Our compromise was to allow each of the tea party guests to choose their own sprinkles. After all, this would allow each guest to properly accessorize their cupcake to match their outfit. According my my sophisticated seven year old.

    Because she is seven, and doesn’t actually drink tea, we served her cupcakes with purple frosting in teacups. I just scoured goodwill for teacups until I had enough for each guest. Of course, we could have simply used disposable plastic teacups but they weren’t fancy enough for her.  We made the cupcakes in liners, then placed them into the cups. The teacups doubled as our party souvenirs.

    Our teacup saucers were actually plastic artist palettes. You know, the kind that have small indents to add paint to? They were about ten cents each at our local craft store.

    In each little indent we added our different sprinkles and cupcake adornments. Then we placed our teacups filled with cupcakes on top.

    Each of our young guests had a blast decorating their individual cup cakes. It took much longer than I expected. Some of the girls took nearly a half hour to prefect their decorations. Before devouring their treats. We snapped a few pictures of all the girls together. It was such a simple, yet fun party to put together. Not a whole lot of fuss.

    Of course, with a tea party as sophisticated as this, hats were a must.