• Sometimes I think that my husband is a genius (and other times, not so much. JK!). Besides being an amazing father, he has some of the greatest ideas ever. Most recently his idea was homemade bath toys. Our kids love bath time. They would take their baths for hours if we let them. In fact they enjoy bath time so much that if I threaten to take it away they panic. We have done all of the fun bath activities. Bubbles, glow water, colored water, bath paints, bath crayons, shaving cream, fishing, just about everything. So when my husband claimed to have a new idea I was skeptic. But off to the hardware store he went. When he returned he had a bag full of PVC pipe pieces. All different sizes and shapes; he bought T joints, elbows, and straight pieces. Also in his bag was a package of suction cups. They were about one and a half inches in diameter.

    So when my husband claimed to have a new idea I was skeptic. But off to the hardware store he went.

    At this point in the game I was still utterly confused by his hardware store haul, but I have learned to trust his methods.

    The suction cups attach by having a button sized circle at the end which is not the suction cup. He then took out his drill and chose a drill bit that was just smaller than the button and drilled holes into the various pipe pieces. Some of the larger pipes received two holes, but most just got one. He then attached the suction cups to all of the pipe pieces. This is about where I figured out what he was doing. Like I said, genius.

    Now the pipes could be suction cupped to our bathtub walls. The simple addition of a plastic cup and our kids went to town. They each made their own water works station and played until we insisted it was time to stop.

    Some of the longer pieces of pipe got the extra attention of adding smaller holes randomly along one side. This made for a kind of rain effect. Pretty nifty really. All three of our kids, ages 2,4, and 7 thought this was the coolest bath invention since bubbles.