• Let’s face it. No one is perfect! We all know it because that’s what makes each of us so unique and special. The good thing is that we don’t need to find someone who’s perfect as long as they’re compatible and complement our personality in a healthy way. Yes, ideally you would use this test before you get involved in a committed relationship. But I get it! Stuff happens and what works for one relationship might not work for another. But depending on where you are in life, sometimes you may feel stuck in a routine of trying to make your relationship work to the point where you forget that you’re missing out or sacrificing too much of your life. Especially as we mature, our needs evolve and we realize that life is too short and we just want to enjoy every minute as much as possible.

    So, I put together a short “Settle Test,” whereby each item counts for ten points, though from your perspective, some qualities are more valuable than others. So, you might want to give more value to one over another, but that’s totally cool! Hopefully, the test will work as a reminder for you and your partner to open your eyes and become aware of what you currently have versus what you should have. If they happen to match then you’re doing well. So, add them up and decide if your partner gets a passing score and whether it’s worth keeping or tossing them.

    ♥ If You Have (IYH) – Someone who is physically, psychologically or emotionally abusive or regularly puts you down then this may be an automatic disqualifier.
    You Should Have (YSH) – Someone who builds, praises, and encourages you to pursue your goals. S/he would actively work to strengthen you and encourage you to learn from your mistakes so you can continuously grow.

    ♥ IYH – Someone who continuously bashes or puts your family or friends down and attributes your negative characteristics to them (Only you can do that, right?).
    YSH- Someone who understands that you are a product of your past and that’s what makes you the wonderful person you are today.

    ♥ IYH – a couch potato or someone who is lazy and doesn’t care to partake in activities that you enjoy.
    YSH- Someone, who actually likes to dance, hike, travel (if that’s what you like to do) and often initiates fun activities.

    ♥ IYH – Someone who is not a good provider, doesn’t take care of bills in a timely manner and has different goals or motivation for success than you (What are you thinking? They better have something that makes up for this in a big way).
    YSH – Someone who is financially responsible and enjoys the peace of mind that they can pay their bills and buy what they want, when they want it.

    ♥ IYH – Someone that doesn’t take care of him/her self by exercising and/or maintaining healthy eating habits.
    YSH – Someone who appreciates and realizes the importance of being healthy and even motivates you to stay on track with your goals.

    ♥ IYH – A poor communicator, who constantly argues or just shuts down to avoid discussing important issues (obviously s/he doesn’t really care to hear what you’re trying to say.)
    YSH – Someone who is a close friend with whom you can discuss issues calmly, respectfully and effortlessly talk for hours.