• My family is excited to have planned our first big vacation this year. It is official, we are going to Disney World. As a Southern California native, I have visited the mouse many times, but this will be our first time to Disney World in Florida. I cannot deny my personal excitement.

    And obviously my children are over the moon excited too. Everyday when they wake up they ask me when we are going. If it is time yet. You get the idea, and as we aren’t going for a few months I am already tired of the questions. To help save my sanity, and my breath, we made our very own count down calendar.

    What I love about this idea is that it is completely customizable. You can count down to anything. A birthday party, Christmas, vacations, school activities, anything that your kids are looking forward to.

    Mickey shirts, Toy Story shoes, Minnie Mouse ears, princess shirt, the whole deal.

    This was also a fun little craft for us to make together, quite quickly. It started with an empty frame that we had lying around. Because our countdown is a countdown to a Disney vacation, I got my kids together in their absolute favorite Disney clothes. Mickey shirts, Toy Story shoes, Minnie Mouse ears, princess shirt, the whole deal. Anything Disney went. When all three of the kids were sufficiently decked out holding a blank piece of poster paper. I printed the picture straight from my home printer and I did not even bother to use photo paper. I just printed it out on regular white paper.

    We put our picture into our frame and now use a dry erase marker on the glass cover to write how many days until our vacation over the blank poster paper area. It then looks like they are actually holding a sign saying how many days left. My kids take turns every day writing the new number.

    You don’t have to get quite that complicated though. You can use any picture, and skip the poster paper. In fact, you can go completely simple and just use colored paper in the frame and use your dry erase marker on the glass.