• Last year, near Easter, our house got egged. It’s not as bad as it sounds though. It turns out it was a friend of our daughter’s. Without us knowing they came to our house and hid a handful of eggs in our front yard. When they finished hiding the goods they put a sign on our door informing us of the game. We had been egged. This was such a pleasant surprise that my kids have been begging to do it this year to a few of their friends. I let them each choose two of their buddies that we could egg.

    At each house we will drop off about a dozen eggs. I try to avoid chocolate in our eggs, and not because I have anything against chocolate. To the contrary, it can just be warm enough here that chocolate can melt inside of an Easter egg quite quickly. Melted chocolate is not so much fun to find.
    It’s no big deal if your victims are not home, they can hunt for their eggs whenever they return. I will admit though, that the prospect of hiding just out of sight while your friends discover their surprise and begin their search sounds like a bunch of fun too.

    My kids love a good egg hunt, just as much as the next kid, but this is a great way to get them in on the hiding aspect of the game too. They are also really enjoying the idea of surprising their friends. This could also be a fun surprise to deliver to neighbors you do not know. No need to sign your name, I think an anonymous egging sounds like a blast too!