• Once you reach the end of your pregnancy, you may become desperate to get that baby out already! The third trimester can be quite uncomfortable to say the least.

    With my first two I was desperate by 38 weeks. I am quickly approaching that milestone with my third and already I’m thinking it would be great to get this little guy on his way. Here is the thing, inducing your own labor can be unsafe for you and for your unborn child.

    And seriously, why add one more discomfort to your long list of discomforts?

    Things like drinking castor oil can seriously screw with your hydration levels. Sure, it might bring on contractions, but it doesn’t guarantee labor. More likely, it will just give you an epic case of the runs. And seriously, why add one more discomfort to your long list of discomforts? There are some very safe ways to naturally induce your labor, and the great thing about these methods is if your body isn’t ready, they just won’t work. Walking is my favorite method. Walking is known to help induce labor, and even if it doesn’t it helps your little one to descend into position for labor. For sure, I recommend walking!

    Next best thing to walking, sex. Sounds crazy, but semen helps to thin your cervix, and orgasms help bring on contractions. Let’s be honest, you want to have sex as much as possible anyway. It’s going to be quite a long time before you will have that opportunity again. Might as well take advantage of the benefits of it while you can. You can also talk to your doctor about anything they can do to help, like striping your membranes.

    There are lots of things you can do to help things along, but make sure to talk to your Ob or Midwife first to make sure it’s safe!