• family vacation roller coasterSummer vacation is the perfect time to plan a family getaway. My kids aren’t quite up for the big trips just yet, but each summer I have a blast considering all the places I want to take them, and all the things I hope to do with them. Each year, as my kids get older and their personalities really take shape new ideas are added to my list. I hope to take them places that they will truly enjoy. Of course, some items on my list are places that I want to go. Nothing wrong with that too! Here are a few of my ideas.

    The only advice I have is to not over plan your vacations

    Disneyland. This is hands down one of the first places we will go, and one that I hope to return to many times. I grew up in the shadow of Disneyland and it holds such a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to share the magic with my kids.

    California Missions. This was a trip that my parents made with us as kids. We took a road trip and hit all the missions in California. It was educational, fun, and a super adventure.

    Holiday World in Indiana. I’m not sure why, but this place sounds like a blast to me! The give away free sunscreen, which in my book is a huge bonus. It sounds so campy and ridiculous that I can’t help but imagine Wally World.

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio. This just sounds awesome.

    The beach. Any beach really. Hopefully one that is pretty clean and swimming friendly.

    Camping. I want to take the whole family camping. And not in a camper either, I’m talking with a tent and sleeping bags. Hopefully we can go some place where my husband can show his kids how to fish. I can just see the photo ops now of daddy and sons fishing.

    House tours. This sounds silly, but in nearly every major city there is a historic district. Many of them have old homes that are open for touring. I find it fascinating to see how people lived hundreds of years ago. I hope to give that love to my kids too. Hopefully.

    Hot air balloon rides. This just sounds amazing to me. This might be another thing that I want to do for myself. Then again, I think my kids would absolutely love it too!

    The Grand Canyon. This one seems pretty obvious to me. Everyone goes to the grand canyon on vacation, right? If they don’t, maybe they should.

    Pennsylvania. This whole state is full to the brim with history.

    I would also love to hit all the places in our home state. I think it’s important for kids to know about the state they grow up in. Every state has a tourism department that is full of fun, inexpensive ideas for the random day trip. I highly recommend taking advantage of your state’s beauty in addition to any other fun ideas that you might come up with. The only advice I have is to not over plan your vacations. Kids of all ages, and adults too, do not benefit from over stimulation. Not to mention that vacations should have a certain air of relaxation to them. At least my ideal vacations do!