• Our family is enjoying our ‘stay cation’ so far. We have enjoyed making memories in all sorts of unique ways. Most of which have not cost us anything, or less than five dollars. Unfortunately, our ‘stay cation’ is right in the middle of a snow storm. Others might let that upset them, but not this resilient family. To keep our energy up we held a mini Olympic Games here at our house. Okay, we might not have had many actual Olympic sports, but it was in the spirit of the Olympics and the fun was still amazing.

    Our events included things like hula hooping, jump rope, jumping jacks, fort building, and crazy face making.

    I wanted to make sure the incentives were good, but that everyone still got some candy

    We have three kids, so for each event we gave out three medals, gold, silver, and bronze. Our medals were highly coveted, fun size Reese’s peanut butter cups for gold, Snickers for silver, and M&Ms for bronze. We ordered the medals this way on purpose. All of our kids prefer the peanut butter cups, so they tried to get the gold. No complacency and being rewarded for substandard work around here. I kid. But in all seriousness, I wanted to make sure the incentives were good, but that everyone still got some candy. To make your medals, take the fun sized candies and tape a ribbon to the back to be the necklace part. Be sure to measure the ribbons will fit around your kids neck.

    The events in our games were specifically designed as well. My daughter can hula hoop for hours, while my boys get bored with it easy. They had the chance to win, but most likely she would be the winner.

    Be sure to take lots of photos of your kids trying to earn the gold. And the awards ceremony too, because after all, that is the best part!