• My house is certainly not very large, and with soon to be five people living here, we need to maximize every inch of space. This is why we went on the hunt for just the right bassinet solution for us.

    This little beauty comes in at just under $50, looks cute, is small, and has an incline. It honestly seems ideal.

    For my first born, we had a traditional cradle. It was beautiful, and girly, and old, and eventually broke. For my son we decided to just use our already owned Graco Pack ‘n Play. This was an okay solution for the most part, but it took up a huge portion of my bedroom. Not to mention the fact that my son had a pretty bad case of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and required an incline to sleep on which was tricky with the Pack ‘N Play. There is also the fact that even though I am not the one sleeping in it, it simply didn’t look all that comfortable to me.

    All of this put us back on the hunt for something better. Something smaller, something more comfortable, and something relatively inexpensive. After asking several other moms with similar criteria we came across the Fisher Price Rock and Play. This little beauty comes in at just under $50, looks cute, is small, and has an incline (if this baby, like his brother and sister before him, has GERD). It honestly seems ideal. After scouring countless online reviews we decided to go ahead and purchase it.

    For the most part the Rock and Play received stellar reviews. The negative reviews state that the Rock and Play caused babies to get a flat spot on their heads. This was concerning to me, so we asked the good ole Pediatrician. Her answer was that as long as the baby doesn’t sleep in the Rock and Play for more than 9 months (and by that time really should be in a crib anyway) and that you make sure you rotate their head (just like you would do for any sleeping arrangement) there isn’t any concern. She seems to think that the small number of parents claiming that this product caused flat spots had children who might have been predisposed to flat spots anyway. She also assured me that if this was true, the product would have been recalled pretty darn quickly. Fair point doc, fair point.

    This led to my next concern, could my older children, my dog, or myself accidentally knock this thing over? I figured the best way to find this out would be to set it up at the house and see what happens. Everyone in the family has run into the Rock and Play at some point in the last month. My dog even ran into it head first (hey, I never claimed she was a graceful dog!) No one has knocked it over. It is designed to rock, and that is really the only thing anyone has been able to do to it. All this combined with the fact that this thing folds up flat, makes it a winner!