• With the way things cost these days, I will do just about anything to save money. I have three kids to feed and put through college, so saving money is no joke. This is why I have started cooking for my freezer. The concept is easy. When something goes on sale you buy lots of it at the reduced price. Then you process all of it and freeze some in portions.

    For example. Ground beef goes of sale at a price I simply cannot refuse. So I buy ten to fifteen pounds of it. We obviously cannot eat all of that before it goes bad. Instead I pick one day and cook all the meat. Some of it I will make a big batch of spaghetti sauce with. Then I will bag the sauce with enough for one meal in it and freeze it.

    I might take some of that sauce and build a lasagna with it, then freeze the lasagna to cook later. Some of the meat I will season with taco seasonings. I will even brown some meat and leave it unseasoned when I freeze it. This way I can toss it into whatever recipe calls for it.

    Later in the month when the ground beef prices have gone back up, I will have a freezer stocked with meals ready to go.

    I do the same thing with vegetables. Onions for example, chop up ten pounds worth and freeze them in one onion portions. Need an onion? Grab a bag and throw it in to your recipe.

    Another method for freezer cooking might be easier to get started. Whatever recipe you cook for dinner, double it. Take your left overs and properly seal them and freeze them. Then when you have an exceptionally busy evening you can just take a meal out of the freezer and reheat it. Just be careful not to go overboard, and stuff your freezer to the hilt to where you’ve blocked all the vents, which adversely affects the air circulation and will ultimately cause your freezer to burn out (we all have that tendency and sometimes forget what’s buried in there). We all want fresh! However, as long as your creative and plan out your meals in advance, you should be able to save yourself some time cooking and money, which is always a plus!