• As sad as it is, chances are that you might have to give your infant or baby medicine. For me, I had to give my daughter medicine for acid reflux. It was the only thing that would help her eat and be able to sleep. Anyway, I had to find creative ways to get my daughter to take her medicine.
    I have a few tried and true ways that I recommend to everyone who asks.

    First, if you bottle feed, you might be able to add the medicine straight into the bottle along with your breast milk or formula. This is a pretty easy method, but it is not without faults. If for some reason your baby does not finish his/her bottle, you have no idea how much medicine they actually received.

    If you are lucky, your baby might be able to take the medicine given in a medicine dropper straight into his/her mouth. Some of us are not that lucky though, my daughter was notorious for spitting out her medicine. Even the sweet Tylenol was rejected by her.

    Soothie brand pacifiers helped save the day here. I cut a hole in the nipple of the pacifier the exact same size of my medicine dropper. So when my daughter took the pacifier, I was able to slip in the medicine dropper and give her what she needed. Of course, like I already said, she tried to reject anything but milk, so often times I mixed her medicine with a small amount of milk to help her accept it better.

    Some people swear by “shooting” the medicine from the dropper to the side cheek area of the baby’s mouth. My results were mixed here. It sometimes worked, and other times ended up making a mess.

    Good luck, and hopefully you will never need it. But if you do, at least you’ll be prepared!