• Bath time is a joyous occasion over here. My kids absolutely love it. In fact I could threaten to take away bath time if I needed an attitude adjustment to happen. It is that serious folks. One of my kids favorite things to do in the bath, besides splash water as far as they can, is to color with those bathtub crayons you can buy at the store. It was great until I realized how quickly they were burning through those crayons, and how much they were costing me.

    So like I do to solve many of my problems, I hit the Internet. There had to be a way to make my own. I read many tutorials, and comments on the tutorials, and various how tos, and lets just say it got a little crazy here. But I finally settled on a version to try. I would love to give credit, but to be honest, this method was listed on 90% of the blogs I found. Because of that, I don’t know who to give the credit to.

    Get your supplies:
    3 bars of white soap. (I used plain old Ivory, just make sure it is a soap your family does not have a reaction to!!)
    Food coloring
    Glass bowls
    Water bottle ice molds (greased a bit with oil)

    Lots of the how to methods I read suggested grating your soap up with a cheese grater. In fact, they suggested that your kids do all the work. I am absolutely for the cheap labor, but I was making these as a gift for one of my kiddos, so I just threw mine in the food processor. It took all of forty five seconds. Whether you choose a cheese grater or a food processor make sure to thoroughly clean them after you are done.

    Pour your grated flakes into the bowls. Each bowl will be a different color. Add 40-50 drops of food coloring and two tablespoons of water to each bowl. Mix it all up. Eventually the goop will resemble a soft clay. At this point you want to shove the mixture into your ice cube trays.

    Allow them to dry for at least two days. I know this is a long time, but it is worth the wait. Once they are solid you are ready to get clean… And messy.