• I love trying to make things at home. Even things that aren’t really necessary, like chalk. I guess I just like the challenge. Plus, every time my kids and I attempt to make something like this it counts as a science project. They get to practice their ability to read and follow directions, and measurement skills. Besides all of that, it’s just fun. One of our last adventures was homemade chalk. It was much easier that I expected it to be, and my kids really had fun with this one.

    Your supply list is:
    1/2 cup warm water
    1 cup Plaster of Paris (this can be found at your local hobby store)
    1/4 cup of tempura paint (at least 2-3tablespoons per desired color)
    Ice cube trays

    Mix the warm water with the Plaster of Paris in a small bowl. Once all of the lumps and clumps are removed separate the mixture into smaller bowls. One for each color you plan to make. Stir in the paint and continue to mix until it begins to thicken.

    Pour the thickened mixture into your ice cube trays to harden. Wipe up any spills or overflow you may have made with a damp paper towel.

    The hard part here is waiting for the chalk to turn into chalk. We let ours cure for almost two days before using it. I think we could have used it after one full day, but I wanted to be sure before popping them out of the ice cube trays.
    A fun twist on this project would be to find candy molds or ice cube trays that are shaped. You can make chalk for favors and your next birthday party. Make the colors to match your party decor, and use shapes that go along as well! Wrap in a small bag for your chalk favors.