• In the last few months several of my cousins have decided to get married. I love the ideas of gift registries, and browsing all of the things that they have picked out to start their new life together. It’s almost like taking a tour into their dream home.

    There are times however, when creativity strikes me and I would much rather give something creative. Most of the brides I knew didn’t know how to cook. Cooking is such a fun thing for me, I thought that I should do my best to give each couple the gift of cooking. I know what you’re thinking, “But isn’t buying someone cooking classes considered rude?” I don’t know about all that, but in order to stay on everyone’s Christmas card list I refrained from the formal lessons. Instead I made them cookbooks.

    It was extremely fun adding in my own commentary and little jokes along the way.

    First I sent a secret email to their parents for a list of dishes that each family enjoys. Things like grandma’s cookies, or aunt so and so’s burritos. Then I added some of my own recipes as well. Then for six months (yes, six months!) Don’t panic if you don’t have that much time. This project could be made much more quickly if necessary. It all depends on how many recipes, and how fast you cook, type, and photograph. I spent extra time assuming that I was teaching someone with absolutely no clue on how to boil water. I did it in a teasing fashion so they understand I wasn’t being condescending, but that I was also not assuming that they knew everything.

    I made each dish and photographed individual steps along with the final presentation. After enjoying each meal I typed up the how to and any helpful hints I could add. It was extremely fun putting in my own commentary and little jokes along the way. It was a great way to expand my own recipe database, experiment with new foods and make something memorable for people I love.

    Once you have typed and photographed everything it is time to print it out. Just about every photography website out there offers bound photo books. I think I ended up spending about $40 a book which wasn’t too bad for a homemade wedding present filled with love.