• Baby, it’s cold outside.

    There is nothing I hate more than cold weather and therefore cold hands. I hate my hands being cold, and I really hate my kids hands being cold. It never fails that when they have tiny icicle fingers that they end up touching me. But that my friends, is why I have started making reusable hand warmers. All you need is rice, and some small scraps of fabric. You can make these any size. Small enough to fit into your coat pockets, or big enough to use as a neck heating pad. For the hand sized warmers I buy pre-cut fabrics, usually used for making quilts. Make sure there’s no tinfoil or any other non-microwaveable friendly material. Yes, I am able to cut my own squares, but this is easy, and I love the pre-matched and coordinated fabric choices. If you have access to fabric, it’s fun to have your children cut out different shapes themselves as long as you make sure they designs match and line up evenly.

    For the hand sized warmers I buy pre-cut fabrics, usually used for making quilts

    Grab two square and lay them so the pretty sides face each other. Sew three of the sides together. You now have a little inside out pouch. Turn it right side out and fill it two thirds of the way full of rice. Any kind of rice will do just fine. Then just sew the pouch shut. I don’t usually do any special sewing to make this look pretty. If you know how and want to, go for it. It is totally your choice. Once you have everything sewed nice and tight toss your little pouch into the microwave for thirty seconds. Hold it in your hands and enjoy the warmth.

    I always microwave mine in thirty second intervals, but never for more than about one and a half minutes.
    One of my favorite things to do with these, besides put them in my pockets before heading out the door on a cold day, is putting them under my blankets down by my feet at the end of the day. Best way to warm those toes!