• I’m still not sure why we buy into the hype of designer dolls, but kids all over the world just have to have them.  My daughter’s (insert expensive brand-name) doll was recently hospitalized due to a broken leg and severed neck (the head fell off).  I realize that we are in the midst of rising health care costs.  However, in this day and age of Obama-care, I was hoping some of this would be subsidized, but was informed of an $80 co-pay (including shipping and handling, ambulance transportation via UPS to a Wisconsin hospital for specialized care, and for an extra $10 they will brush/untangle her hair).

    I think a new doll would be about $150 (I know, hard to believe) so I thought why bother with this repair, but my affectionately-committed (but not financially-concerned) daughter wanted to save this doll.  I attempted to add her doll to our current health care plan, but we didn’t have a valid birth certificate showing she was born in the United States, or that she was a US citizen (we think she was born in China, but don’t have any documentation).  Also, my daughter recently renamed her, which complicates things in terms of her original passport, etc.  In addition, I think we adopted her from our cousins, who had paradoxically outgrown motherhood once becoming teenagers, after their family invested a significant amount of time and money in their dolls, including many “designer-priced” clothes and accessories.  What?  Did you think I bought it for her?  No way that I could justify spending that kind of money on a doll!

    We recently welcomed the arrival of a new and real baby, which cost slightly more in terms of health-care fees, but his clothes are significantly less expensive (but also made in China).  So, with the added expenses, we decided to perform the operation and repair of the doll at home.  We went to work with our hot glue-gun in one hand and a box of bandaids in the other.  The surgery was a complete success and now she has an original and customized fashion doll, which is more realistic and true to real life.  At least I was able to convince her of that, for now.  And I was able to save a few bucks.  It’s all in how you frame it.  None the less, we hope for her speedy recovery and that our daughter grows out of her soon, so we don’t incur additional costs.  What we wouldn’t do for our children’s happiness!?