• Okay, so maybe I’m a little ‘over-the-top” with being on time and am a little sensitive about punctuality. I don’t like waiting around so I try not to make others wait for me. I’m best when I’m on my own and have total control of my schedule. Yes, I hate sitting around doing nothing while waiting for other people. Whether you’re married, dating, or are involved in any kind of friendship, sooner or later you’ll stand around waiting for another party to arrive or join you for some event. It is totally rude, insensitive, disregards other people’s feeling and tells them that they are not important enough for you to show up on time. Though those things are important, I realized that what really drives me crazy is that I hate to think about that unproductive lost time. Often just ruminating about what the other person’s intentions are (while I am feeling totally disrespected) is enough to put me over the edge. So, I had to think of something creative to help me not take it so personally.

    As with anything that bothers you, it’s important to express yourself and let others know how you feel

    I’ve tried many ways to let the people closest to me know how much this irks me. I’ve even gone to the extent of offering to show up at close family/friend’s houses early to help them complete their tasks so we can be on time if we are traveling together. With people who have been totally inconsiderate on many occasions and over many years I have often simply stopped socializing with them. But if those people are family members or colleagues then that isn’t an option – you have to deal with these people on a daily basis. As with anything that bothers you, it’s important to express yourself and let others know how you feel. And sometimes you just have to be flexible and understanding for extenuating circumstances, which may have been out of their control. Not everything is personal! Yet sometimes nothing seems to help. The behavior continues despite all your efforts and all their excuses. I’ve come to realize that I can’t control the exterior circumstances and influences so I’ve tried to focus on what I can control.

    For me, if I am prepared and stay productive during that waiting time I don’t feel like I’m totally wasting my life away. So now when I go out I always bring something to read or some project that I can work on. I no longer get as angry and even sometimes look forward to waiting because I can get some reading or work done. The secondary gain is also significant in that it takes my mind away from getting frustrated and having crazy thoughts. And believe me—I’ve mastered the skill of getting myself all worked up. I have finally realized that it’s not worth the wasted energy and it only puts me in a bad mood! So, my advice to others who are punctual like me is to be prepared and always bring something with you to turn your downtime into prime time!