• The winter is cold, and the days are short. Recent studies say that kids burn roughly half the amount of calories a day than they do in the warmer months. But just because the weather is bad doesn’t mean that we should choose to let our kids remain inactive. Young kids set their exercise and eating habits for life based on what they see their parents doing. Therefore the best way to get your kids moving is to move yourself.

    Some of our favorite things to do to keep moving include classic “rainy day” games that I used to play at school as a child. Simon Says is a perfect game for this. As long as Simon is giving instructions like “jump,” or “run in circles.” There are lots of little exercises you can get your kids to do by playing Simon Says. Jumping jacks, toe touches, hip circles, windmills, and squats are all things Simon can get us doing.

    Another favorite here is Duck Duck Goose. Running in circles is great exercise! Tag is also a pretty easy game to play indoors if you have a little room for chasing.
    Don’t discount games like Hide and Seek either.

    If you can, getting outside is always a good option too. Hiking and bike riding are still fun to do when the weather is cold.

    If where you live has good snow cover have a snow ball fight or go sledding, where they have to climb up the hill themselves. See who can create the best snowman, or the most defined snow angel. My kids love to race in the snow. And if you have ever tried to run in the snow, you know how much work that really is. Just be careful!

    Remember that just because it is cold doesn’t mean you cannot hit up your local park. Be sure to bring a towel. Just in case the slides have some moisture on them.

    Another favorite of ours are the bounce houses. You know, the places with the giant inflatable slides and obstacle courses. Even I am known to get on those things.

    If you have older kids, consider putting them into a team sport. Your local YMCA is likely to have plenty of activities throughout the winter.