• I love to cook, and I especially love cooking with my kids.  Not only is cooking a useful skill to have, but it teaches several things.  Following directions, simple math, sequences, chemistry, and of course a love for food.  Each of my kids have different things that they like to cook with me.  My daughter for example, always wants to help make the cookies, while my middle son would rather mix the pancakes.

    I thought it would be a fun idea for each of my kids to have their own cookbooks.  It would be filled with their favorite recipes, pictures of them cooking, and pictures of the finished product.

    To assemble, you just need a printer and a three ring binder.  As my kids try and love new recipes I add it to their books. It has been a fairly simple process.

    My kids love getting out their books and sharing it with their relatives or reading through them to find something they can make.  Every time we are invited to a pot luck, they want to bring something too.  I love the love of cooking that we have inspired here.

    That is not the only point of these cook books for me though.  When my kids are grown and heading off to college how helpful, and awesome, would it be for them to take their own cook books with them?  Filled with all of the things they love to eat?  You can even print the book online for an actual bound book.  I can’t help but think how helpful that would have been for me in my college years.  And of course, you get to make all the memories of cooking the food with your kids now.