• Todays to-do listTips for Mommy Time Management Success

    1.  Delegate husbands and kids to do some of the chores.  If your kids are young, they will enjoy helping you.  If they are older, chores can be done for allowances.  Ladybug is fond of dusting and cleaning the windows.  We have a chore chart so she ends up doing different things each day.  This means different parts of the house are getting clean, she is learning responsibility, and she isn’t getting bored.

    2.  Learn to say, “No!”  This is a hard one for me.  I always want to do things for other people.  You have to be realistic about what you can and cannot complete.

    3.  Set Timeframes.  Our day looks like this: 8-11 is constructive play/errands on errand day/ play dates/ outings.  12-3 is nap time and mommy time. 3-5 is movie time and Mommy “work” time. 5-7 is dinner/stories/bedtime.  We do our best to only take the kids out and about once a day.  For my family this really works.  Too many stops and places to visit means the grumpies come and visit us.  We do everything to keep away the grumpies.

    4.  Make Todo lists.  I prefer my todo lists to be short and sweet.  I constantly have two list going.  A “Main List” including home improvement projects.  That list is long.  The other list is my daily todo list that only contains three things on it.  One item from the main list (if possible), and two cleaning items.

    5.  Pick one day for errands.  This way you don’t feel like you are constantly going each and every day.

    6.  Do Homework immediately after school if possible.  This way the information is fresh in your child’s mind.  And you leave dinnertime and after dinner time for quality family time.