• I always hated that statement.

    Must have.

    Because let us all be honest here, there really is not a whole lot that is a “must have.” The lists all the baby suspestores give you are ridiculous. You absolutely do not need half of the things on that list. You really don’t need a special diaper pail. I have raised three kids through the diaper stage without a single special trash can. If you empty the trash often, the diapers never get a chance to smell up the entire house. Especially fragrant diapers can be bagged in an old plastic bag and or taken to the outside trash straight away. Never been a problem here. You also do not need a dedicated diaper changing table. Don’t get me wrong, they are handy. But for the price tag, they are insane. You can attach a changing pad onto any dresser. Or, be like most folks and change the baby wherever you happen to be that is convenient. I promise you, that sometimes it is just easier to do a quick change on the floor than do go all the way to wherever you keep the changing table. I just keep a caddy with necessary items within reach for quick changes.

    Another of my favorites on the must have list are baby shoes. All I have to say here is best of luck keeping them on.

    Like most new parents, my husband and I were on a tight budget. So many people told us that we needed so many things. We believed and purchased most of them. Sadly a good portion went unused. If you are like us, and want to know what you truly need to survive with a new baby this is the barest list. Mind you, all the other things can be helpful, and might be fun, but they are not truly needs.

    First thing you need is a car seat. You cannot take baby home without one.

    Second, a place for baby to sleep.

    Third, something for baby to eat. Whether you choose to breast feed or not, you need food.

    Lastly, clothes and diapers. Cloth or disposable diapers, it doesn’t matter. Whichever suits your family works fine. Go easy on the clothes too. Babies grow so fast you will hardly use most of the smaller sizes.

    That’s it folks, the four things I believe you truly need to have a baby according to this seasoned mom of three. Now, if you want to discuss products we enjoyed using that made our life a bit easier, that’s a whole other post.