• My kids all have chores that they are responsible for each and every day. Most are simple things like making their bed, and tidying their rooms. We believe that families have to work together in order to maintain cohesiveness. Chores are expected of my kids. We however, do not give them an allowance. Their chores are in exchange for being a part of a smoothly run home, with meals, clean clothes and a happy mommy. That being said, we give our kids the opportunity to earn money.

    These are things that don’t need doing very often

    We decided early on that our children would get to learn a work ethic and practice managing their money at a young age. This is where our paid jobs come in. Each week, while I am planning what needs to be accomplished I make a list of jobs my kids are able to do. Then I assign a monetary value to each job. These are things that don’t need doing very often. For example, this week we have to clean out the fridge, vacuum the car, and organize the outdoor toys. In order to qualify to be hired for one of these jobs, their daily chores, and homework must be completed for the day.

    If they chose to not “apply” for a job, no sweat. They lose out on the money and besides, it was something I was going to do anyway (Shhh, don’t tell my kids that). My kids are extremely motivated by money though. Each Monday when our weekly jobs are posted my kids get excited planning when they get to do them. I’m excited that my kids are motivated to work work and are learning to save their money. I truly adore the fact that they are learning that hard work equals pay. Mostly, I love that my house is clean and organized while my kids can make a little extra cash instead of me having to hire outside help.