• Now, if you’re frugal like me you are always interested in a way to save money. Having two kids, I find this difficult. Especially when it comes to diapers. So I decided to put some diapers to the test and see if they are worth their weight in, well, poop. Right now on Target.com I can buy a box of Pampers size 3 diapers in a 156 package for roughly $45. That comes to approximately 30 cents per diaper. I can buy a similar package of Target Up & Up brand for approximately 13 cents per diaper. That’s a huge difference! Doing what any self respecting money saving mom would do, I gave them both a fair trial to see if that extra seventeen cents is worth it. First up, Pampers (which I have to admit I do love). They fit well, and my Little Monkey appears quite comfortable while wearing them. I gave him as much fluid as I possibly could and jotted down my “data.”

    After 24 hours and 6 diapers I was ready to try the Up & Up diapers. To the best of my ability I repeated day one. Thinking that different shaped bottoms may present a different result I asked a few other moms to try the Up & Up diapers too. Our discovery was astonishing! For all bottoms, skinny and chunky, neither diaper leaked! Both seemed comfortable. Most importantly, both held their fair share of poop! And one did it for half the cost. That’s a saving of about $200-$300 a year, more than $900 over the course of 3 years.

    What will you will do with your savings? Buy a new purse, pay off debt, put it in savings for a college fund? Endless possibilities.