• It is still snowing here despite being March, so we have been spending quite a bit of time inside. Still. This feels like the winter that will never end. Trying to keep the cabin fever at bay for me and the kids has been especially challenging. We have done just about every indoor activity I could think of.

    This past weekend we went camping. Indoors. On our living room floor. We pitched our tent, brought out the sleeping bags and told stories by flashlight. All while watching the snow pour down outside. My kind of camping. Warm camping. The thing that was missing though, was the camp fire. And no campfire means no s’mores. Or so you thought.

    I don’t know where I saw this recipe, I wish I did. I am not even sure that I am in fact doing it right. I sort of made it up as we went along based on what I thought it should be. And I thought it would be delicious!

    First I preheated our fire (oven) to 450 degrees.

    Next I grabbed my smallest cast iron skillet and filled the bottom with chocolate chips. I didn’t really measure it, just dumped them in until the bottom was well covered. You can’t have too much chocolate right? Then I dumped a bag of mini marshmallows on top of the chocolate.

    Put the skillet into the oven for about 6 minutes. If your marshmallows aren’t browning turn on the broil for a minute. Watch them closely, they can and will burn quickly. When your marshmallows have reached your desired brownness take the skillet out of the oven.

    Finally, it’s time to eat! Grab some graham crackers and use them like a spoon to get the gooey chocolatey marshmallow goodness into your mouth. It’s almost like the real thing, maybe even better.