• Today it is snowing. It’s snowing a lot. We are all bundled in the house enjoying warm cocoa and marshmallows. Ironically this weather makes me miss summer so much more. The flavors of the ripe fruits, the smell of the air, and the feel of those warm breezes against my bare feet. Yeah, it’s heaven. So even though it is completely out of season I’m making peach frozen yogurt for desert tonight. It is never too cold for fro-yo afterall.

    It’s such an easy recipe and perfect for summer, or those bitter cold winter nights when you are wishing it was still summer.

    You will need:
    1 bag of frozen peaches, approximately 16 ounces worth
    3 tablespoons honey
    1/2 cup low fat vanilla yogurt
    1 tablespoon lemon juice

    If you prefer tart frozen yogurt, use plain yogurt instead. I prefer the slightly sweet variety and so does the rest of my family so we use the vanilla flavored yogurt. You can also add or subtract to the amount of honey used as sweetener. Additionally, I have skipped the honey and used sugar before, but I love the hint of honey.

    Purée all of the ingredients in your food processor. After a few minutes it will resemble soft serve. Taste it to check for your desired sweetness level. Always start with less, it is much easier to add sweetener than it is to take it out! When it tastes to your liking, serve it up!

    If you like a more ice cream texture, place your yogurt into an air tight container and harden for a few hours.

    I love serving this with a sprig of mint, or sliced fresh peaches garnished on top. Another fun thing to try is to sprinkle in some ginger before you purée to add a touch of complexity. Or you could splash in some extra vanilla for that peaches and cream flavor.