• pregnancy fearsEveryone knows that pregnant women are hormonal, over emotional, and cry at toilet paper commercials. When you found yourself pregnant, you weren’t surprised at your onslaught of emotion. What no one tells you, or at least no one told me, was how rational some of the emotions felt were. Rational to those pregnant anyway.

    While I was expecting my first I was overcome with fear. Fear that I would do something to harm the baby like falling, or sleeping on the wrong side. I feared that I wouldn’t love the baby, and that the baby wouldn’t be cute. (How is THAT possible?) The biggest fear was thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” Wondering if I was ready to be a parent. I just thought that I was crazy. Until I met other moms, who admit feeling the same.

    I mean the first two were so cute, how can I possibly have any cute genes left?

    When expecting my second, I couldn’t understand how I could possibly love another child as much as I loved my first. Now expecting my third, I’m astonished to see that I am not immune to pregnancy fears. This time I worry about making it to the hospital on time. (It was a close call with #2) And strangely I worry about the baby being cute. I mean the first two were so cute, how can I possibly have any cute genes left? Yet again I am faced with the “What have I done?” fear. Can I handle three kids? Yikes.

    The point is that your fears (however irrational to others) are real to you. Take comfort knowing that you are not alone, and that millions of women have gone through it, and fear the same types of things. Talk to your spouse, but remind them to take it seriously. If that doesn’t work, seek out other pregnant women for comfort.