• This past Sunday, my family and I went on an outing to Rancho Park, which is near Cheviot Hills in Los Angeles. We try to get out as a family at least once a week and jump around to different parks to keep it interesting. It was our usual day of games, having a picnic and then cleaning up to go home. Without saying, my children already know the routine and clean up on their own to leave our area cleaner than how we found it.

    As the kids were picking up trash and recycling material my ten year-old, who collects cans and bottles for extra money, ran up to me with an aluminum can, which weighed significantly more than any of the others. I thought it was just filled with dirt or extra fluids but when my son shook the can, we heard jingling of what sounded like coins. Then my son turned the can upside down and a few quarters fell out. The exterior read in sparkling gold ink, “Merry Christmas – Keep Recycling!”

    When we got home, my son ran to his room and poured out his loot all over his desk. I could hear the crash of coins falling on the hardwood floor. After counting, he discovered that there was exactly $50 in quarters.  What a great find and just in time for the holidays! My son told all of his fiends, who immediately made plans to go out and collect more cans. What a great way to motivate people to get out and recycle while cleaning up our streets. Who knows how many more Christmas cans are out there? Thank you, Recycling Santa, wherever you are. I hope you’re ready for Easter because I know my kids will be out there looking!