• I love my kids, it is no secret, but man can they be frustrating. It never fails during the winter months that they long for shorts and summer weather.

    Now that we are heading into those warm months they were reminiscing about snow ball fights. A mom can’t win, you know? I have yet to find a way to bring the summer fun to the cold season, but over the years we have kept the tradition of playing with summer snow.

    I cannot claim this idea as my own, in fact I don’t know who to credit. What I can tell you is that it has been around for a while; I clearly remember playing with this stuff when I was in preschool.

    You need a lot of ingredients for this. Are you ready? You need one can of shaving cream. Don’t go using your nice stuff either, pick up a canister at the dollar store. Empty the shaving cream canister or canisters into a sheet pan, rimed cookie sheet, or any freezer safe container. Allow the shaving cream to freeze over night.

    This is a super messy (fun!) craft, so you will want to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Of course, this is an outside activity as well.

    Just before play time remove the shaving cream from the freezer and gently begin to break it up with a butter knife. Magically this stuff is now powder fine and frozen, just like snow.

    My kids enjoy using their shovels and buckets, building snow castles, and of course a snow ball fight or two.

    One of my favorite parts about shaving cream snow is that it does melt.  In doing so it goes through several textural changes before it returns back to its normal foamy self. Part of the fun is allowing the shaving cream to melt and playing with that too. My absolute favorite part however, is turning on the hose and squirting my kids down when we are done.