• No matter how many times you’ve done it before, telling older kids about a new baby can be tricky. Every kid is different and responds differently to the news. Some are young enough that it doesn’t mean much to them, while others will be older and completely understand how their world is about to change.

    If your older child is two or younger, they won’t really know what’s going on. They will however, be able to feed off of your excitement, so by all means talk about the new baby often. You can also look at pictures of infants so that your child will be aware of the fact they exist. It’s also not a bad idea to get a story book or two from your local library about being a big brother or sister. Their emotions will simply mimic yours. It’s a good idea, to visit any friends that have young babies as well. If you don’t have any friends with kids yet, just go ahead and make a visit to the nursery of your local hospital. Generally speaking they don’t have a shortage of babies. And you will most likely get to see a baby or two crying.

    It’s a good idea to visit any friends that have young babies as well.

    The older the kids get, the more you can tell them about what is going on. Be aware however, that you run the risk of getting questions about baby making that you may not be prepared to answer yet. So when planning your discussion, figure out what you are willing to share prior to getting started. If your child shows anger, hatred, or no interest at all in the pending arrival, don’t worry too much. Once they see that you still love them as much as you always have they’ll get used to their younger sibling. If your child tells you that they want to hurt the baby, they are most likely not serious, but don’t leave your baby alone with them.

    Honestly though, all kids come around eventually. Most are pretty excited by the ordeal. Once baby arrives you can allow your kids to introduce the baby to others. Let them be the ones to show off the baby.