• With my first child, I had the twenty pound diaper bag, I had enough diapers, wipes, clothes, extra pacifiers, and toys for at least three kids. Looking back it was slightly laughable. Okay, it was really laughable. It was ridiculous. Plain and simple. By the time I had my third child I had adopted what I call the anti diaper bag. Instead I got a nice basket from the store and I dumped most of the contents of the diaper bag into it.

    Carrying a baby and a baby carrier is hard enough. Add those killer diaper bags and no wonder moms have sore necks and backs all of the time. My theory is that most of the stuff I was carrying didn’t actually have to be lugged around with me at all times. Packing two diapers and a small thing of wipes in my purse is way easier than the entire diaper bag. If you formula feed, one bottle and formula is plenty for your bag.

    Packing two diapers and a small thing of wipes in my purse is way easier than the entire diaper bag

    Now, remember that basket I mentioned earlier? The one with all the extra supplies? That basket stays in my car, behind my passenger seat, directly in front of the baby’s car seat. Now I have all the things that I might possibly need if my child decides to poop twenty times while I am at the grocery store. At the same time, in the all more likely scenario that he only goes once, I’ve saved myself from carrying an extra twenty pounds. Plus my purse is way cuter than any diaper bag.

    We use the same philosophy when going to Disney World last year. We did not want to get caught running out of diapers and being forced to buy some from Disney. Therefore we brought a plethora with us. However, we got ourselves a locker and put most of them inside the locker for most of the day. We always had two diapers on us, as well as some wipes, but the rest were safely stashed where we didn’t have to carry them all day long. We just made sure to stop buy and refill our stash as we needed.