• I might be a tad touchy about my Christmas tree. I decorate it just so, and I would really like it if it stayed that way. If you have little kids in the house, you probably understand why that is so hard for me to actually get. Little people like to rearrange things to their whims constantly. It’s enough to make me certifiable. Perhaps only figuratively speaking. This year I thought I would give my kids their own space to decorate their own trees. Without messing with mommy’s tree, without spending a ton of money, and without taking up too much floor space. I don’t ask for much, do I?

    Here comes my washable window paints! I got this idea from my local grocery store. Every season they have this super sweet gentleman come out and paint a mural on their front windows. He usually does scenes from the area, and adds some seasonal flair. They are beautiful. Last week he had painted a large collection of Christmas trees all across the scene. To decorate the trees they were using little paper ornaments that kids had colored. Super cute right? I took that idea straight home.

    On our large back windows I drew three Christmas trees. One for each of my kids. Underneath I wrote their names so we all knew whose trees was whose.

    To decorate our trees we made our own ornaments. Some were paper, others were various crafts we have made, yet still more were actual plastic ornaments that I didn’t use on the big tree. To hang those I used some Command suction cups. I put up the suction cups and the kids can hang the ornaments. Tomorrow they can redecorate it. Then again the following day. They can change it to their hearts content.

    They love their trees so much, Santa might even leave a small little goodie under each one.