• Grandparents, for the most part, can be wonderful. There are many different kinds of grandparents, young and vibrant ones, older feeble ones. The ones who babysit, the storytellers, the educators of family histories, the affectionate ones, the ones who spoil them with too many gifts and candy and the ones who discipline them too. Every kind of grandparent is useful to parents and our children because there is a lesson to be learned from them.

    I want my children to learn to take care of their grandparents too.

    We were talking about gifts to give their grandparents. Homeade anything is always a big hit. Then I got to thinking that this would be a good time to teach my children to give back somehow to these family members. What do they need help with? We brainstormed and came up with these gift ideas for grandparents.

    1.  Hire a home organizer or do it yourself. (most people who “collect” things, aka hoarders, need someone to help them sift through the junk). Because my children tend to be natural hoarders with the special ability to find a use for everything, I would likely have to hire someone to help. On a side note, yes children can be hoarders. Mine keep everything they can. You name it. A band-aid wrapper can be glued onto artwork. A piece of dental floss is made into a bracelet for a doll. I don’t mind this creative repurposing. However, the trouble begins when they save the items around their room based on possible future potential, and don’t want to throw anything away, ever!

    2.  Membership to a museum. This gift serves a dual purpose. It can motivate an inactive grandparent into getting out more. Better yet, if they take your children with them.

    3.  Do their grocery shopping for them or take them so you can help them with their grocery shopping. That way you can help introduce healthier foods into their and save them the trip to the store.

    4.  Sign them up for a class. Dance, art, cooking, swimming, language. Something new and stimulating. Your children could be detectives and ask their grandparents which activities they have always wanted to try. Then sign them up.

    5.  Help care for their pet(s) or assist with household chores. Bringing their loved ones a special treat or helping out around the house not only lightens their burden, but is also guaranteed to melt their hearts.