• In this politically correct day and age, am I allowed to declare my hatred for mosquitoes? I haven’t met anyone who claims to like them nor would they be upset if they were on our endangered species list. They live off our our blood. I see no use for them – they don’t pollinate, they don’t eat bad bugs. I guess the mosquito-eater bugs need them. I don’t. Yet they love me. They love to bite me, that is. I could be sitting with five people and I will be the one covered in bites. I have heard old wives tales that they like my blood type best. Or I have read that they like the taste of pregnant and lactating womens’s blood. And my favorite, it is because I am soo sweet. Am I writing about vampires or bugs?!

    Here are some tips for avoiding their bites.
    1. Wear long sleeves and pants.
    2. Dab heavy-duty mosquito repellent on your clothes nearest to your exposed skin.
    3. Apply the more natural mosquito repellents to your exposed skin.
    4. Light citronella candles when outdoors.
    5. Screens on your windows are a must.
    6. Dab citronella oil wherever you want or put some in a mister around your room
    Don’t forget to rub some natural bug repellant on your pets too!

    Only the female mosquitos bite (keep that in mind, gentlemen) and inject an anticoagulant to prevent your blood from clotting. This anticoagulant triggers a mild allergic reaction which results in the round red and itchy bumps that you see.

    Should you still get bitten, here are some after-bite treatments to ease the itch.
    Baking soda and water paste applied on the bump, cold ice pack to numb the itch, mosquito bite sticks that usually have a rub-on antihistamine, leftover tea bags placed in the freezer on the bite, an oatmeal bath or rub a paste on the bite directly.

    If you are really serious about keeping them away you can also plant natural mosquito-repeller plants in your garden. Some are: Basil, catnip, geranium, marigold, lemon balm, citronella, mint and rosemary to name a few. If they aren’t effective, at least you will have a (mostly) edible and fragrant garden!