• labor inducingThis is my third pregnancy. Twice I had perfect labors. Once for 23 hours, and one for just two.

    It is that fact, that my OB has suggested inducing me at 39 weeks. Both of my other children came within days of their due dates, so 39 weeks seems to be the magic time. The fear is that my third delivery could in fact be shorter than my second. Shorter than three hours. Holy cow, I mean that sounds fantastic. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!

    The biggest problem with that, is that we live an hour (without traffic) from the hospital. Now I cannot find any hard and fast research that says my third labor will be quicker than the previous two. However, I can’t find any that says it will be longer either. I’m quite torn on the subject. I am quite aware that letting the baby come when the baby is ready is usually the best option. However, delivering a baby in a car, or at my house without my OB present just is not an ideal situation for me. So, it is because of this, that I am seriously considering an elective induction of my third child. Part of my brain, (the part that enjoys being prepared and planning things) is giddy at the thought of knowing when my husband needs to ask for time off, and when and who will take my other two children while I deliver. That’s the connivence factor. If you find yourself in a similar situation, be sure to weigh all the pros and the cons. And talk to your doctor about anything you need clarification on. We have all heard horror stories of inductions gone wrong, and terribly long. But for me, long is a better idea than on my couch.