• If there is one thing that you are just about guaranteed to find in every house across America it would be tp. Even in our poorest state we still have the money for toilet paper. If you have toilet paper, then it follows that you also have toilet paper rolls that you are throwing away after you’ve used the last of the paper. This is my attempt to get you to stop the madness, don’t throw them away, craft them!

    There are so many things you can do with these fantastic cardboard tubes. A quick Playdate Creative Corner search will get your creative crafting juices flowing for sure.

    The one we have decided to give a try this week is a bunny. Just in time for our spring decorating, and Easter festivities! When I choose a craft for my kids I always keep a few things in mind. First, my supply stash. I obviously have to ensure I have what we need to complete the craft. Next, I think about their patience level. Is this something that they can actually complete without needing a ton of assistance from me? I don’t mind helping, but if I’m going to end up doing it all myself anyway, I might as well know that going in.

    To make a toilet paper bunny is unbelievably easy.

    You will need toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, paint, a sharpie, glue, and construction paper.

    1. Paint your roll in the color of your choice. We opted for spring pastels for ours. Set aside to dry.
    2. Cut long ovals out of construction paper to be your bunny ears.
    3. When the roll is dry draw eyes on the front. You can also use eye stickers, or construction paper for the eyes depending on your kids and their abilities.
    4. Glue your ears on
    5. Make a small triangle out of construction paper for the nose. Glue in place.
    6. Use your sharpie to make whiskers.
    7. Glue a cotton ball to the bottom back of the roll for your bunny’s tale.